• Suzhou MetroHealth

    Suzhou MetroHealth Medical Technology Co. Ltd (苏州医号线医药科技有限公司) http://www.yhxhealth.com/

    Suzhou MetroHealth Medical Technology Co. Ltd is the first professional medical service provider in China, which provides a full line of CRO and medical consulting services for medical research and clinical development, including medical strategies, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, and academic research. MetroHealth’s professional services have been accepted widely by sponsors, investigators, as well as institutions.  Since the company was founded in 2014, it has collaborated with more than 200 Tier III hospitals in China.

  • 苏州明德生物科技有限公司

    Suzhou MINDEL Biological Technology Co.Ltd (苏州明德生物科技有限公司) http://www.mindelsci.com/

    Suzhou MINDEL Biological Technology Co., Ltd, is an innovative high-tech enterprise, founded in 2012. It focuses on providing quality products and technical services for life sciences and biotechnology companies. The company provides solutions to the challenges stemming from routine experiments to complex research.

    The company focuses on developing integrated laboratories and related equipment which provide a one-stop solution to personalised and precision medicine in cancer. It also provides analytics for individual-based gene sequencing, precision diagnosis, precision treatment and gene sequencing to monitor treatment response and data analysis reports. This technology can be used to assess the health risks in order to achieve early prevention.

  • Suzhou

    Suzhou Sintelligent Electronic Technology Co. Ltd (苏州芯智睿电子科技公司)

    Suzhou Sintelligent Electronic Technology Co. Ltd, an advanced medical device company, was established in August 2017. The key products of Sintelligent Electronic Ltd. are advanced electronic medical capsules.

    Electronic medical capsules are a novel intelligent micro system which utilise advanced biomedical, sensing, information communications and packaging technologies. Nowadays, such products have become increasingly popular and utilised in medical examinations of the human digestive tract. This has the advantage of being convenient, painless, non-traumatic and does not induce infection.

  • 苏州智泰腾迪信息科技有限公司

    Taidii (苏州智泰腾迪信息科技有限公司) http://www.taidii.com/

    Taidii was established in Singapore in 2011, and commenced incubation at NUSRI in Aug 2013. The founder Wang Bin graduated from NUS and was awarded the SIP Talent Grant in 2014. Currently, Tadii has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Chengdu,etc. Taidii combines sensory technology, as well as mobile and social media platforms into an ERP and CRM system for preschools. The product helps to automate many tasks, improving both the productivity and quality of preschools in the areas of safety, security, health and the management of school children, school teachers and administrators. Tadii currently has a number of preschools as their customers in Singapore and China.

    Taidii has successfully raised several rounds of funds and will be closing its Series A funding by the end of 2017, with more than 5 million to support its next stage of expansion and product development.

  • 苏州提点信息科技有限公司

    Tedia (苏州提点信息科技有限公司)

    Tedia developed a smart and interactive platform, which allows customers to order food and pay for items easily. Using a combination of gameplay, questionnaires and customers’ evaluation on the platform, customers will be able to receive promotions after evaluating the services. At the same time through LBS, a platform for third-party advertising content was also introduced and promoted.  The company's objective is to use technology in helping businesses to enhance communications and interaction with customers, thus increasing sales and reducing manpower cost. Smart tablets were  customised and placed in stores to test out real-life situations and conditions but were not limited to such processes.  Using promotions and interactive content, the gameplay is a way to attract potential customers as it goes beyond boring user interfaces. Interactive ads on the platform helps to build partnerships for the businesses and bring in additional revenue.

  • 苏州容电环境科技有限公司

    Ultrapower Eco Clean (苏州容电环境科技有限公司) http://www.ultra-power.cn/

    Ultrapower Eco Clean is a high-tech start-up equipped with numerous advanced technologies and patents. In general, the company aims to commercialise its technologies in environment protection. In particular, the most immediate products of Eco Clean are air-purifying modules and parts for the decomposition and removal of hazardous gases in housing and office areas. Ultrapower Eco Clean has developed a new material that can chemically decompose hazardous gases at room temperature. Air-purifying products based on the material can be used permanently without replacement. In addition, the purifying efficiency is high, and the product works under conditions of high temperature and high humidity.   Founder Dr Xie was awarded the SIP Talent Grant in 2012.

  • VirTrack (苏州北宁智能科技有限公司)

    VirTrack is a small high-tech software company, which focuses on intelligent technology and big data. Their projects are in the cable digital TV field and some of them involve the design of intelligent data analyser platforms for cable digital TV operators.  As the first digital TV operators, Beining owns the intellectual property rights. The company aims to bring the technology to promote digital TV operators across China.

  • 苏州中星拟景信息技术有限公司

    VRtist (苏州中星拟景信息技术有限公司)

    VRtist provides Virtual Reality (VR) content for businesses and is in the midst of developing a VR engine for the various verticals such as real estate, entertainment and education. The product aims to enhance efficiency and minimise content production costs. It has successfully provided exclusive consultancy services to Shanghai Jinrongxiang Corporation and is taking part in a high-profile AR project for a world-renowned museum. VRtist has been chosen by the Guangzhou government to uphold the standards for educational VR projects. The concept and protocols for educational VR will also be represented in our VR education products released in 2017.

  • YGCG Eucheuma Drinks (亿股集团(新加坡)有限公司) http://www.ygcgglobal.com

    Singaporean food manufacturer Y G C Group is developing a new range of beverages based on eucheuma, a species of seaweed that is associated with various health benefits.

    A heat processing technology was devised to prevent microbial degradation of the beverage’s ingredients while preserving their nutrients. At the same time another method was used to deploy natural food ingredients to interact with the ingredients in the beverages to stabilise them, without adding any artificial additives.

    The first commercial products, YGCG Eucheuma Drinks (eucheuma-based packaged drinks) are 100% natural with no chemical additives, added sugar and preservatives, have been launched in Singapore and are sold on www.ygcgglobal.com.

  • 斯澳生物技术(苏州)有限公司

    SA Biotech (斯澳生物技术(苏州)有限公司)

    SA Biotech aims to perform R&D and provide high quality recombinant animal vaccines to mainland China. The founder Prof. Adam Yuan, is an NUS professor. He was awarded the SIP Talent Grant in 2012. SA Biotech (Suzhou) Pte Ltd was established in SIP in 2012. SA Biotech is the first NUS-related company that has obtained a national level grant for biotech research. Its customers are primarily veterinary medicine companies in China.